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21 11, 2018

Solo Getaways for Self-Care


Life can get so busy and before you know it, you realize you haven’t taken time for yourself in months. And no, walking around the grocery store alone, without the kids, does not count as a solo getaway. When was the last time you enjoyed time away from the everyday grind at home, work, or school? If a few moments pass before you can answer that question, then it may be time to consider a solo getaway for yourself. A solo getaway is not a lonely getaway. It’s a peaceful getaway, a great time to hit the reset button and [...]

5 11, 2018

Five Tips for Planning a Fall Getaway


Fall in Ontario is one of the most beautiful times of the year to plan a road trip. The air is crisp and the foliage is breathtaking, not to mention the best harvest-inspired meals and treats you’ll discover along the way. As the end of the year approaches and the weather turns from stifling hot to cool sunny days, it almost feels as if the world is calling out to you to take those last few vacation days left and plan the ultimate road trip. Aside from your basic essentials like toiletries and clothing, here are five helpful tips for [...]

10 10, 2018

Must Visit Lakeview Cottages in Ontario

2020-04-13T18:30:49+00:00Cottage Experience|

Whether you’re looking for adventure on a hot summer day or want to revel in the crisp air of an autumn afternoon, Ontario is the perfect place for year-round excitement. Whatever the season, enjoy the fabulous cottages our province has to offer. A cottage rental is even more special when it has views of the lake. There’s nothing more relaxing than sipping hot coffee as you gaze out at the water with your loved ones, or cooking steaks on the grill as you watch the sunset over the horizon. If this sounds like paradise, check out our favourite lakeview cottages [...]

3 10, 2018

Why You Should Visit the Thousand Islands in Ontario

2020-04-13T18:33:09+00:00Ontario Vacations|

Who doesn’t love spending time by the lake? Bonfires, water activities, morning coffee accompanied by the sound of loons, and hiking are only a few of the highlights of renting a lakefront cottage. Luckily, Canada is blessed with an abundance of lakes, rivers, and oceans for people to dabble in cottage living. However, from the brisk ocean air of the Atlantic to the babbling brooks of glacial watercourses of the mountains, perhaps one of the best locations to acquire a Lakeview cottage rental in Canada is actually in Kingston, Ontario. Why Kingston? Kingston, Ontario is not only one of Canada’s [...]

24 09, 2018

How to Store Your Fish

2020-04-13T18:35:14+00:00Fishing Ontario|

For some people, fishing is what defines summer. They love nothing more than hanging out on a boat angling for whatever bites. It’s even better when you bring home an amazing catch for the dinner table.For some people, fishing is what defines summer. They love nothing more than hanging out on a boat angling for whatever bites. It’s even better when you bring home an amazing catch for the dinner table. Fish has delicate flesh that deteriorates when exposed to heat and air, so knowing how to store your fish once you catch it is important to making it last [...]

17 09, 2018

Tips For Hiking With Kids

2020-04-13T18:36:18+00:00Ontario Vacations|

Hiking with your kids is a great way to release some of their pent-up energy and spend memorable time together absorbing the beauty of the outdoors. Kids find wonder in an interestingly shaped fallen leaf, unusual animal tracks, or a mysterious bridge over a babbling brook. All the good vibes can be spoiled, however, if you’re caught unprepared for issues that come up while on the trail. Here are some tips for prepping for the hike, and to keep things positive while on the move: 1) Bring a good backpack You’ll want a large, sturdy backpack that won’t fall apart [...]

10 09, 2018

Fall Outdoor Activities Families Can Do Together

2020-04-13T18:37:47+00:00Ontario Vacations|

Time spent outdoors is vital for health, happiness, and an appreciation of the earth. Children especially benefit from the opportunity to relish the outdoors. It helps them release their energy and satisfies their curious minds’ yearning for wonder. Best of all, most fall outdoor activities that families can do together are very inexpensive, if not free. Families who tackle the outdoors together strengthen their bond and teach children essential life skills for making it on their own. 1) Camping No childhood is complete without one camping trip. Camping is a grand excursion that costs next to nothing, other than a [...]

29 08, 2018

Six Ways Nature Benefits Mental Health: A Message From Loughborough Inn

2020-04-13T18:39:04+00:00Health Tips|

If you are feeling exhausted both mentally and physically, maybe it’s time to get back to nature. The benefits of nature can be enjoyed through many activities, such as sitting beneath a tree, taking a nature walk, or going on a relaxing fishing trip. Nature is a great remedy for both mind and body. Here are some of the top benefits of spending time against the backdrop of nature: 1. Reduce Stress, Increase Resilience Both the sights and sounds of nature have been shown to help decrease stress hormones while boosting the immune system and bringing balance to the nervous [...]

15 08, 2018

5 Shared Fitness Activities for Couples

2020-04-13T18:40:27+00:00Health Tips|

When you're looking for a way to burn calories while connecting with your partner, there are a number of activities you can do. These activities can be both indoor and outdoor, so you can find something to do no matter what the weather is like. We've compiled a list of five fitness activities that you can do with your significant other. 1. Kayaking Kayaking is a fabulous summer activity to do either on your own or with a partner. Both lakes and rivers are great for kayakers. If you ride solo in your kayak, you and your partner can have [...]

25 06, 2018

11 Fun Cottage Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy and Entertained

2020-04-13T18:43:02+00:00Cottage Experience|

A trip to the cottage is the perfect opportunity to get your kids to disconnect from their electronic devices, but keeping them busy and entertained at the cottage can be challenging. Here are 12 activities that are sure to keep your kids having fun all summer long. 1. Go on a treasure hunt A treasure hunt is a classic cabin activity that will keep your kids busy for hours. If you can, separate them into teams and set a time limit. 2. Go on a hike or bike ride Go on a family hike or bike ride around the cabin. [...]

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