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Category Archives: Ontario Vacations

Toronto Cottage Vacation

toronto vacation

Life can get hectic and sometimes you need a vacation – and sometimes life can get so hectic that you need a vacation from planning your vacation. For many city dwellers who delve into the frantic hustle of urban living every day, the weight of this truth increases exponentially. We hear you loud and clear, […]

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Kingston Attractions to See this Summer

Kingston, Ontario already boasts the title of Canada’s first capital and the beloved home of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald. Since it was first established as Fort Cataraqui in 1673, Kingston, Ontario has enjoyed a rich and eventful history as one of the province’s most vital political, military, educational and tourist centers. […]

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Canada Day Cottage Activities

No day at the cottage is just any day. There’s always something new and exciting to do! This July 1st, we want to help you make the most of your Canada Day cottage activities by offering up some fun, festive and unique ideas. Perhaps best of all, our suggestions are affordable, easy and perfect for […]

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Battersea, Ontario

Beautiful Battersea, Ontario is located in the township of South Frontenac – a mere 20 kilometers north of historic Kingston, Ontario. This popular destination is well-known for its phenomenal outdoor activities, which includes fishing, camping and boating. Battersea, Ontario is frequented every year by a host of passionate outdoor enthusiasts who are looking to enjoy […]

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Adopt the Muskoka Chair

muskoka chair

For over 100 years, the Muskoka chair, also known as the Adirondack chair, has been a signature piece of furniture on the many patios and docks of cottages and resorts in Ontario – including the ones at the Loughborough Inn. So where did these popular chairs come from, and why are they so popular? The Muskoka […]

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Planning the Perfect Couples Boating Trip

Bass Fishing

Looking for unique and exciting ideas for you and your sweety? Then why not try arranging a couples boating trip! This is a super fun, affordable and above all, memorable way for you to spend some quality time with your significant other. Here are our trips for planning your couples boating trip: 1) Decide where […]

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Activities For Kids

In a world awash with technology, it can be hard to find activities for kids that involve them putting down the iPads and getting outside. One of the best ways to encourage your children to embrace the outdoors is to take them somewhere new and exciting. This will help break routine and ultimately make them more […]

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The Ultimate Couples Retreat

couples retreat

Your guide to the Ultimate couples retreat: Nothing brings couples closer together than spending a little time nestled in the bosom of nature. This isn’t to say you have to rough it in the bush with a tent and a week’s supply of toilet paper, but reconnecting with the great outdoors is a superior way […]

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Your Guide to Ontario Luxury Resorts

ontario luxury resort

When people are looking for Ontario Luxury Resorts, there is often not one single image that comes to mind. This is because there is not one universally held concept of luxury. To some, luxury is breakfast in bed, 5 star hotels, daily mud baths, champagne breakfasts and limo service. To other people, luxury is sleeping […]

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Ontario Vacation: The Importance of Planning Ahead

ontario vacation

Planning your Ontario vacation has never been more important. With so many options and things to think about, you’ll need to consider every piece of your vacation before you embark on your holiday, wherever it may be. Ontario has no shortage of amazing vacation hot spots including beautiful Kingston, Ontario, close to all major cities […]

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