Who doesn’t love spending time by the lake?

Thousand Islands, Ontario, Canada

Bonfires, water activities, morning coffee accompanied by the sound of loons, and hiking are only a few of the highlights of renting a lakefront cottage.

Luckily, Canada is blessed with an abundance of lakes, rivers, and oceans for people to dabble in cottage living. However, from the brisk ocean air of the Atlantic to the babbling brooks of glacial watercourses of the mountains, perhaps one of the best locations to acquire a Lakeview cottage rental in Canada is actually in Kingston, Ontario.

Why Kingston?

Kingston, Ontario is not only one of Canada’s most culturally diverse cities, but it’s situated along Lake Ontario and the Thousand Islands. Considering a Lakeview cottage rental in this region means that you have easy access to an endless amount of nature but can also benefit from the fresh local cuisine, tandem bike rentals, canoe and kayak rentals, tours throughout the islands, plus boutique and antique shopping that an urban environment can only offer!

In Kingston, there is something for everyone who may be joining you on your next cottage holiday.

A Thousand Islands of Possibility

The Thousand Islands is a sightseers paradise!

Surrounded by the lush foliage of the Carolinian forest range, rocky islands, and clear blue waters, visiting the Thousand Islands is certainly remarkable. With over 1,800 islands dotting the St. Lawrence River between the Canadian-US border, this natural wonder should be on top of your ‘must-visit’ destination list.

Besides the Thousand Islands, renting a cottage in Kingston also offers the possibility of enjoying the sandy shores of Lake Ontario. Swimming along the coastline of this vast pool will leave you awestruck! If it is your first time in the area, you won’t believe that it isn’t an ocean – but, rest assured, nothing sinister is lurking in these depths to nibble at your toes!

How about an Airbnb?
Although Airbnb is still a relatively new business on the market, its popularity speaks volumes about the quality of the experience – especially if you are up for an adventure! This online service offers renters the opportunity to rent a room in a complete strangers cottage or have the entire place to themselves. Many sites offer amenities such as kayaks or canoes, a fire pit, and occasionally, the use of a hot tub. Perhaps the best part about Airbnb is that it allows people to pay as much or as little (depending on demand) for their lakefront cottage experience.

If you decide to check out Airbnb, make sure you take advantage of the fun filters offered by the site that allow you to view unique lodging experiences. This feature enables you to peruse sleeping experiences such as lighthouses, boats, or even tree houses! Check out what is available in the Kingston area. You never know, a houseboat may be your future lakeview destination.

Loughborough Inn Lakeview Cottage Rentals
Cottage rentals are the perfect getaway for any season! Whether you choose to eat Thanksgiving dinner around a fire or snuggle up for the Christmas holidays, the best part about choosing Loughborough Inn is that you don’t have to worry about the details.

Another perk of renting a lakefront cottage from Loughborough Inn is that they are situated next to no other cottages in the area. On their own private plot of land along Lake Ontario, you don’t have to worry about whether your relaxation or scenic view is going to be compromised. It is all yours.

If you factor in the number of included amenities (i.e., all cottages come with Satellite TV, wireless internet, and a refrigerator), you’ll see that Loughborough provides one of the best lake view cottage rentals Ontario has to offer. Not only does Loughborough have a selection of different cottage rental locations and prices, but their representatives are willing to go the extra mile in providing the perfect backdrop to your lakeside plans.

If you are looking for the perfect lakeview cottage rental in Canada, then why not check out Loughborough Inn near Kingston, Ontario. Pick your perfect getaway, skip the hassle, and start relaxing with your friends and family today!

To talk to a representative about booking a cabin at Loughborough Inn call (613) 353-2600 today!