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Meals are served in the Inn’s smoke free, air conditioned dining room. Dress is casual.

Inn Dining Room Loughborough Inn Dining Room Air Conditioned Dining Room

Three meals are included in the daily rate (American plan). At each meal there is choice of three entrees. The choice of entrees varies each day. Prime rib is available on alternate days.

A wide selection of wine, beer and spirits is available (alcohol is not included in the daily rate).

For those wishing to eat lunch out on the water etc, a sandwich basket or a shore basket (for those fishing with a guide) will be provided by the Inn.

Meal hours are as follows:

Breakfast Lunch Seatings Dinner Seatings
7:00 am – 10:30 am 1st – 11:30 am
2nd – 12:00 pm
3rd – 12:30 pm
4th – 1:00 pm
1st – 5:00 pm
2nd – 5:45 pm
3rd – 6:00 pm
4th – 7:15 pm
Loughborough Inn
Loughborough Inn:

Within the 200 acres of land sit some of the most beautiful scenery that augment the experience of staying at Loughborough Inn including beautiful wildlife, scenic hiking trails and picturesque views of stunning Loughborough Lake.

There is something here for everyone at Loughborough Inn, where nature plays the starring role. Read More...