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About Us

Loughborough Inn was built in late 1921 on the shores of Loughborough Lake, the over 20 miles of fresh water and 99 miles of shoreline in Battersea, Ontario, just 12 miles north of Kingston, Ontario.

Loughborough Inn has grown and modernized over it’s 90+ years of existence with 13 cottages built in the 1950’s and 60’s which have been completely renovated to date with wood burning fireplaces, satellite TV, wireless Internet and refrigerators.

Battersea, ON Battersea, ON Loughborough Inn aerial view

We have matured since the 60’s, adding three new square log cabins in 2012 to add to the four round log cabins that were built in the 1980’s. Giving us 7 stunning log cabins that allow our visitors to enjoy an exclusive, high-quality experience they deserve.

Frontenac exterior Frontenac bedroom Frontenac living room
Weekend getaway Weekend getaway Weekend getaway

Within the 200 acres of land sit some of the most beautiful scenery that augment the experience of staying at Loughborough Inn including beautiful wildlife, scenic hiking trails and picturesque views of stunning Loughborough Lake.

There is something here for everyone at Loughborough Inn, where nature plays the starring role.