Life can get so busy and before you know it, you realize you haven’t taken time for yourself in months. And no, walking around the grocery store alone, without the kids, does not count as a solo getaway. When was the last time you enjoyed time away from the everyday grind at home, work, or school? If a few moments pass before you can answer that question, then it may be time to consider a solo getaway for yourself.

solo getaways

A solo getaway is not a lonely getaway. It’s a peaceful getaway, a great time to hit the reset button and release all your recent stress and worry. That doesn’t mean you’re ignoring other important aspects in your life; it simply means you’re taking the time to regroup so you can approach things with a refreshed mind. Some people believe a solo getaway is not just about self-discovery and freedom, it’s about building new connections and friendships along the way.

Have you ever noticed, when you’re travelling with a friend or your spouse, that your attention is directed to that person alone? When you’re so involved with the person you travel with, you don’t take in enough of your surroundings, whether it be the landscape or the many interesting people around you. As a solo traveller, you’ll notice how much more in tune you become to your surroundings.

Some solo travellers have even spoken about how empowered they felt during their time away and how they experienced independence on a whole new level as they navigated new places on their own. For some, it was their first and only time they’ve ever had to “figure things out” on their own, whether they were finding their way through new streets or learning how to use public transit in a new city. The feeling is liberating and that is something one can only experience on a solo journey.

If it’s your first time going on a solo getaway and you’re anxious about missing your friends and family, don’t worry. This feeling is normal and it is likely you will continue to miss them during your travels. The important thing to know is that the feeling of missing them during this time is not the same as feeling like you’ve lost them. It’s a feeling of love and knowing that by thinking of them while you’re away almost feels as if you’re bringing them along with you. Everyone deserves their own personal time and space from the “real world”, even if it’s just for a few days.

How You Can Prepare for Your Solo Getaway:

  • Pack a good book, especially if you plan on lounging out on the veranda or by the lake.
  • Bring a tablet or laptop to research places to go to or things to do nearby while spending lone evenings relaxing. It’ll help you plan your next day.
  • Arrange a day-time activity for each of the days you are away. It’s okay to book an excursion that may involve other groups of people. It will be a good chance to interact with others and exercise those good ol’ socializing skills.
  • Be prepared for any ailments that might come along. Don’t forget to pack pain medications like ibuprofen and medications to treat stomach problems. These things can be quite pricey when purchased at quick-stop shops because you’re paying for convenience for a tiny little bottle. It would be more cost-effective to purchase these at your local pharmacy or department store.
  • Find out if there are any spa amenities available where you are staying and book a reservation!
  • Pack some snacks, goodies, and maybe a few of your favourite movies for you to indulge in during your solo evenings.

If you’re still on the fence about taking a solo getaway, here are 10 things to love about solo getaways for self-care:

  1. Do what you want, when you want.
  2. Hotels, restaurants, and other bookings can easily accomodate for a party of one.
  3. Head to bed or sleep in whenever you want.
  4. Take advantage of hotel or airline upgrades without having to worry about the added cost for other people.
  5. You can meet and interact with new people easily.
  6. It’s a hassle-free and drama-free vacation.
  7. You can move through lineups quickly as a solo traveller.
  8. Order dessert and wine with your meals without any judgement.
  9. Personalize your budget to fit exactly what you want and not have to worry about others for a change.
  10. Increase your confidence and experience new things with your full attention and focus.

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