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Category Archives: Fishing Ontario

7 Basic Bass Fishing Tips All Anglers Should Know

Basic Bass Fishing Tips

If you don’t have the right know-how, you’re not going to catch the big one. To help you improve your chances of success on the lake this summer, here are seven basic bass fishing tips: Fish in the Unconventional Spots Bass like to go undercover because it allows them to sneak up on their prey. […]

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What You Need to Know about Fishing in Calm Waters

Fishing In Calm Waters

Spring is finally here and that means it’s time to dust off the fishing rod. Now all you have to do is get away for a weekend and find a destination. Well the biggest bass are caught in calm waters — like Loughborough Lake! To help you catch the big one, here are some tips […]

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Get Geared Up for 2014 – Best Bass Fishing Gear

fishing gear 2014

Ontario’s beautiful waters are flowing and another year of superb bass fishing is here. Before you head out, it’s important to ensure you have all the best fishing gear onboard to guarantee a year of exceptional angling. We know, we know: You can catch fish with even the most basic fishing equipment. Heck, you can […]

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2014 Bass Fishing Guide

bass fishing guide 2014

Bass fishing in Ontario is an incredibly popular pastime. Much of its appeal can be attributed to the prolific nature of the species as well as their relatively predictable behaviours, which makes bass easy and fun to catch for both beginners and experienced anglers. Bass fishing is definitely is one of our biggest draws on […]

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Best Bass Fishing Secrets

The best bass fishing secrets don’t really have to do with having fancy equipment or undergoing intense ritualistic bathing routines before heading out on the water or even wearing your lucky hat (though luck does have a lot to do with bass fishing!). After years on the water, the best bass fishing secrets all come […]

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Ice Fishing Safety

There’s nothing in the world quite like the refreshing solace, intimacy and beautiful surroundings that come with ice fishing. It’s no wonder it’s one of Canada’s favourite winter pastimes. However, all the beauty in the world isn’t worth it if you seriously injure yourself – or worse. Learning about ice fishing safety is perhaps the […]

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The Best Fishing Trips

pike fishing on loughborough lake

The best fishing trips will let you focus on your fishing by taking care of everything else. The Loughborough Inn offers two distinct fishing trip packages that are sure to delight any angler. Both packages are all-inclusive, so there really is nothing to worry about – other than keeping your patience in check! Those fish will […]

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Fishing at the Land O’Lakes Fishing Tournament!

The first ever Land O’Lakes Small and Largemouth Bass Fishing Tournament was an undisputed success! Kicking off at 7am on Saturday, August 17, 2013, this fishing derby proved itself to be a truly one-of-a-kind event that showcased fishing in Ontario. The Land O’Lakes Fishing Tournament attracted an impressive array of over 300 avid anglers. Participants […]

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Fishing Ontario: The Land O’ Lakes Fishing Tournament

fishing ontario

Fishing Ontario brings you the best fishing tournaments this summer. Some of the best fishing Ontario tournaments fly under the radar, but the Land O’ Lakes Fishing tournament isn’t something you want to miss! Loughborough Inn and Marina are thrilled to be a part of the very first Land O’ Lakes Large and Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tournament. This live release […]

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The First Annual Land O’ Lakes Live Release Bass Fishing Tournament

Land o lakes fishing tournament

The Loughborough Inn is pleased to announce that our very own Loughborough Lake will be one of the five hosts of the first annual Land O’ Lakes Live Release Large and Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tournament. Tournament Details On Saturday, August 17, some of the best sport fishers from all around the region will converge on the […]

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