The best bass fishing secrets don’t really have to do with having fancy equipment or undergoing intense ritualistic bathing routines before heading out on the water or even wearing your lucky hat (though luck does have a lot to do with bass fishing!). After years on the water, the best bass fishing secrets all come down to tried and true basic fishing principles.

Bass fishing is a popular pastime and it can be hard not to get lost in the hype – that’s precisely why we’re here to bring you back to basics and refresh your memory on the real best bass fishing secrets. When it all boils down to it, there is really only ONE thing you have to know about fishing for bass, and that’s…BASS. That’s right. You’ve got to know your fish. You wouldn’t go to a job interview and expect to get the job if you knew nothing about the company, and the same goes for bass fishing. If you want to catch the fish, you’ve got to know a little about what makes them tick. Or more aptly, bite.

Here are the most important bass characteristics that will help you get some action on the water.

1. Timing

Bass are not aggressive during the day and they tend to shy away from the light. Late in the evening or early in the morning is best for bass fishing. Overcast days or days with light rain are also ideal.

2. Preferred Water Conditions

Bass love currents since they are cool and bait fish tend to team in those areas. Every body of water has a current, so look for baitfish near the surface and you’ve found a current and as a result, probably some pretty enthusiastic bass.  If you stick close to natural food sources, the bass will come to you. Tip: Bass like cool and comfortable water conditions, not downright cold or too hot. In the early spring, you’ll find bass spawning in warmer shallows and in the summer, you’ll find them a little further out. In the winter, you’ll find them further inshore again, where it is a little warmer than the frigid depths.

3. Location

Bass gather where there are obstructions, be it natural or man-made so if you are looking for the best bass fishing secrets in regards to location, look for bass around rocks, grasses, ledges, fallen trees, etc.

4. Lures

Bass love crayfish all year, so a soft bait and jig combo is always a good bet and our favourite bass lure if you’re looking for one solid recommendation. If you are looking for top water bass baits specifically, we like frogs, spooks, buzzbaits, poppers, soft plastic toads. Our favourite sub-surface lures include spinnerbaits, crankbaits and jigs.And finally….

5. Patience

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Patience. Any good angler needs patience and this is by far the most important of our best bass fishing secrets. Bass are living things, not robots. Subtle changes in water temperature, an influx of activity from other anglers, food migration and other variables can and will impact where these fish will be and how they will behave.

Remember, having top-quality fishing equipment is great, but no amount of money can buy you patience or help you understand your fish. That’s going to take a little time and an open mind, but if you love bass fishing half as much as we do, we promise it will be worth it.

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