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26 03, 2013

The First Annual Land O’ Lakes Live Release Bass Fishing Tournament

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The Loughborough Inn is pleased to announce that our very own Loughborough Lake will be one of the five hosts of the first annual Land O’ Lakes Live Release Large and Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tournament. Tournament Details On Saturday, August 17, some of the best sport fishers from all around the region will converge on the County of Frontenac to test their skills and see who can land the biggest largemouth or smallmouth bass. An estimated 500 anglers will be participating in this one-day event which will feature five lakes and five weigh-in stations, arranged by the Land O' Lakes Tourism Association [...]

26 03, 2013

Northern Pike Fishing: Great for Beginners

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While Bass fishing is very popular with game fishers and beginners alike, Northern Pike fishing presents benefits uniquely tuned to the beginner. Eastern Ontario bodies of water like Loughborough Lake are the perfect habitats for this aggressive species, and the best part is that you don’t need to be an expert angler to see results. If you’re on a getaway with the family, or you've never tried your hand at Northern Pike fishing before, then let this quick guide start you off. Ease of the Catch The best reason to go after Northern Pikes is that they are easy to catch. This is agreed upon by [...]

20 03, 2013

Bass Fishing Tips – Know Your Bass

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Everyone could use some bass fishing tips now and again and that is what we've got for you. If you’re planning a bass fishing trip with your family it’s important to know what you’re looking for.Every type of fish has unique characteristics and requires different tactics to catch them. There are some very specific tricks for bass fishers especially in the difference between the Smallmouth and the Largemouth. If you’re on Eastern Ontario waters, here are some bass fishing tips to know if you’re getting started: Largemouth Bass The largemouth bass is an olive green fish (see image,) marked by a series of dark blotches forming [...]

10 03, 2013

Bass Fishing with the Family

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One fun part about bass fishing in Eastern Ontario is that it can be a group activity. Bass fishing, or fishing in general, involves many steps that can be divided up and learned as a group; everything from using the right bait, navigating the boat, finding the right spots, and techniques to catch the fish are fun and engaging for the whole family. We've highlighted some starter tips that will make sure you will get the best experience from fishing on Loughborough Lake, one of Eastern Ontario’s finest fishing destinations. Here are some tips to get the most out of your experience: A Little about Bass [...]

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