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23 09, 2014

Get Geared Up for 2014 – Best Bass Fishing Gear

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Ontario's beautiful waters are flowing and another year of superb bass fishing is here. Before you head out, it's important to ensure you have all the best fishing gear onboard to guarantee a year of exceptional angling. We know, we know: You can catch fish with even the most basic fishing equipment. Heck, you can catch them with your bare hands. This said, being able to do something doesn’t mean you have to, and it certainly doesn’t mean you should! After all, you can mill your own flour – and there is nothing wrong with this – but most people [...]

29 08, 2014

Summer Vacation Ideas Part 2: Cottage Vacation

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If your idea of the perfect summer vacation revolves around the lakeside, you're not alone. The lake is a bastion of peace and tranquility in an otherwise hectic, over-scheduled and over-stressed world. Ideally, many of us would love to live by the lake all year round, but of course, the weighty practicalities of day-to-day living make this improbable, if not all out impossible for most. Still, this doesn't mean you can't enjoy a healthy hit of perspective a few times a year by taking a lakeside vacation. It is a well-known fact that stress is one of the major contributing [...]

13 08, 2014

Kingston Attractions to See this Summer

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Kingston, Ontario already boasts the title of Canada's first capital and the beloved home of Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald. Since it was first established as Fort Cataraqui in 1673, Kingston, Ontario has enjoyed a rich and eventful history as one of the province's most vital political, military, educational and tourist centers. While this vibrant city offers countless activities any time of year, summer is definitely the most popular time to visit Kingston attractions - for those looking to take in the full-scope of exciting seasonal events and starring attractions. In our opinion, no Kingston summer vacation [...]

26 07, 2014

Housekeeping Cabins at the Loughborough Inn

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Want to plan a getaway in the lap of nature that affords you all the luxuries of the Loughborough Inn without a structured meal plan? We've got you covered. While our delicious meals make the dining room the most popular place at the resort 3 times a day, we understand that sometimes convenience can take other forms. Food allergies, extreme dietary restrictions, food preferences, and the rare opportunity to lounge at leisure while on vacation might make our newest housekeeping cabin option your best bet. Anyone who’s sat down at our tables will tell you the meal times and dining [...]

15 07, 2014

2014 Bass Fishing Guide

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Bass fishing in Ontario is an incredibly popular pastime. Much of its appeal can be attributed to the prolific nature of the species as well as their relatively predictable behaviours, which makes bass easy and fun to catch for both beginners and experienced anglers. Bass fishing is definitely is one of our biggest draws on Loughborough Lake! Bass Characteristics Bass are part of the Centrachidae family, a group of ray-finned sunfish. In total, this family has 37 species under its umbrella, including rock bass, and large and smallmouth bass. All species in the Centrarchidae family are only native to North [...]

25 06, 2014

Canada Day Cottage Activities

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No day at the cottage is just any day. There's always something new and exciting to do! This July 1st, we want to help you make the most of your Canada Day cottage activities by offering up some fun, festive and unique ideas. Perhaps best of all, our suggestions are affordable, easy and perfect for kids or kids at heart. 7 Fabulous Canada Day Cottage Activities: Most of us already break out the sparklers and bust out the fireworks, but there’s more to Canada Day than burning your eyebrows off – though that’s definitely a tradition for some! Let’s take [...]

13 06, 2014

8 Outdoor Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

2020-04-13T20:11:29+00:00Cottage Experience, Uncategorized|

Finding the perfect gift ideas for Father’s Day can often feel like an uphill battle. After all, we’re talking about fathers here! These are the guys who just go out and buy what they want before a special occasion rolls around, or, while they are never too shy to tell you to turn down your music or wear a longer skirt, they suddenly become too humble to ask for anything at all...except maybe for some peace and quiet (and there’s a lot of merit in this request!). We get it, and as a group of fathers and father lovers, we [...]

7 05, 2014

Battersea, Ontario

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Beautiful Battersea, Ontario is located in the township of South Frontenac - a mere 20 kilometers north of historic Kingston, Ontario. This popular destination is well-known for its phenomenal outdoor activities, which includes fishing, camping and boating. Battersea, Ontario is frequented every year by a host of passionate outdoor enthusiasts who are looking to enjoy the unspoiled charms of nature. Loughborough Lake, Dog Lake and the Rideau Canal are a few of the main attractions, as is the friendly, open, small town atmosphere. History of Battersea Battersea, Ontario was founded in 1840 by Henry Van Luven. Van Luven was a [...]

14 04, 2014

Bringing Your Pet to the Cottage

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Your pets are part of your family, so it’s totally understandable that you’d want to bring your pets on your family vacation. We, for one, are all about family vacations that include the whole family, which is why the Loughborough Inn is happy to provide pet-friendly units to make bringing your pets to the cottage easy. It’s probably no surprise that dogs are our most frequent guests, but we have played host to an array of pets, including cats and even birds. Aside from companionship, there are many reasons for bringing your pets to the cottage. The most common include: [...]

26 03, 2014

Best Bass Fishing Secrets

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The best bass fishing secrets don’t really have to do with having fancy equipment or undergoing intense ritualistic bathing routines before heading out on the water or even wearing your lucky hat (though luck does have a lot to do with bass fishing!). After years on the water, the best bass fishing secrets all come down to tried and true basic fishing principles. Bass fishing is a popular pastime and it can be hard not to get lost in the hype – that’s precisely why we’re here to bring you back to basics and refresh your memory on the real [...]

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