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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Restaurants in Kingston: Chez Piggy

restaurants in kingston

Chez Piggy is the pinnacle of restaurants in Kingston. This hot-spot is both trendy and totally unique – and the food has earned the restaurant international accolades. There is no single element that makes Chez Piggy so popular. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, yet the experience is also reminiscent of many fine dining establishments. […]

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Lace Up For the Best Hiking in Ontario

The best hiking in Ontario can be found close to home, so make a date with your boots and hit the trails! Hiking is one of the most popular forms of outdoor physical activity. Most people already know it is great cardiovascular exercise, but there are some other not-so-commonly touted benefits of hitting the trails. It’s […]

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The Art of the Staycation – Embrace a Weekend Getaway

weekend getaway

You don`t have to hop on the plane to have an amazing weekend getaway. Couples and families worldwide are saving money and having a great time by planning exciting “staycations” – a vacation at home or nearby. This said, sometimes it`s hard to get into the weekend getaway groove when you`re so close to home. […]

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Hiking Ontario: What to Bring

Hiking Ontario trails isn’t exactly as physically demanding as traversing the Alps, but this doesn’t mean you should just pick a trail and start walking aimlessly. When planning any kind of outdoor excursion, it is always best to adopt the Boy Scout motto and be prepared. This isn’t to say you’ve got to map your […]

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Vacation Ideas: Rainy Day Solutions

Vacation ideas are always tough to come up with, you plan one thing and your son doesn’t want to do that or your wife has to work. There is always something that gets in the way. After months of planning, saving and searching for the best getaway deals, you’ve finally booked your long awaited family vacation. […]

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