You don`t have to hop on the plane to have an amazing weekend getaway. Couples and families worldwide are saving money and having a great time by planning exciting “staycations” – a vacation at home or nearby. This said, sometimes it`s hard to get into the weekend getaway groove when you`re so close to home. Here are a few tricks to help you loosen up and enjoy your well-deserved time away.

Set Some Rules

Just because you`re less than an hour from home doesn’t mean you should be rushing off to check your emails. Following that same vein, just because you get cell phone reception doesn’t mean you should be checking your text messages every 20 minutes. Also, it might be a good to avoid the TV. Most of watch too much of it anyway. Set some rules: No internet, no television and no cell phone except for emergencies. Take a technological time out! It may be difficult, but your mind, body and spirit will be rejuvenated.

Mix Up Your Routine

You`re  on vacation, so you don`t have to go to bed at 9pm every night and wake up at the crack of dawn. Try staying up a little later; go for a midnight stroll or swim. Sleep in and have brunch in bed. On the other hand, if you`re usually a chronic night-owl, why not get to bed a little earlier and get up to see the sun rise. Also, ditch the 9-5 jive. We know you`re not generally encouraged to nap at work, but we strongly support siestas on your weekend getaway. Stretch out at the end of the doc and snag a  little snooze after lunch.

Channel Your Inner Foodie

We know you haven`t journeyed to the other side of the world, but every region has it`s own culinary style, so why not find out what makes where you`re staying so special.  Ask around to find out where the popular restaurants are and once you get there, veer off the beaten path. Try something you wouldn’t usually try. Live a little during your weekend getaway! It`ll make a big difference. Also find out if there is a local winery or brewing company and arrange a tasting.

Immerse Yourself In Nature

Most of us spend our days cooped up indoors. Weekend getaways are supposed to set you free! Hit the trails for a hike, go for a swim or a paddle. Check out the local flora and fauna. Get a healthy dose of vitamin D – the sun`s happy drug!

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