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Ontario Weekend Getaway Packages

Looking for one of those weekend getaways you won’t forget? With Loughborough Inn you can escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy a weekend you won’t forget by booking one of our executive cabin rentals Ontario or cottage rentals ontario. Weekend getaways are meant to be remembered, so come make a memory with Loughborough Inn today.

You can do anything you want, so why not do something new? Adventuring through our hiking trails, fishing, exploring, or just spending time in a new place and let a new experience breathe new energy into your life: these are just some of the benefits of short weekend getaways in Ontario.

Weekend Getaway Package Ontario Weekend Getaway Weekend Getaway Packages

Check out one of our all-inclusive weekend getaways packages and imagine all the ways it could provide you with a place for rest and relaxation, including three daily meals, beautiful hiking trails, exquisite fishing, gorgeous sunsets, and 135 acres of unspoiled landscape to help you escape and unwind.

In addition, Loughborough Inn is only 20 minutes from Kingston, Ontario allowing you to still escape to the city and visit some of the historical attractions available in the area.

Ontario’s Choice All-Inclusive Weekend Getaway Packages

Whether you’re in the market for whirlwind last minute weekend getaways or something you’ve been planning for months, our site can handle every holiday, season, or special occasion. We have the space to accommodate large groups, and cozy enough to provide romantic seclusion; if you’re planning a stay and on the hunt for new memories, we offer the opportunity for the best weekend getaways from Toronto to Ottawa and everywhere in between.

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Our special weekend getaways in Ontario are the perfect recommendation for a couples resort, families, or anyone looking to get closer to nature. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or new experiences, you can explore the Kingston to find the reasons why we are one of the best weekend getaways in Ontario.

Contact us today to take your weekend getaways to new heights and experience the best Ontario has to offer by reserving your Ontario Weekend Getaway at Loughborough Inn!

Loughborough Inn
Loughborough Inn:

Within the 200 acres of land sit some of the most beautiful scenery that augment the experience of staying at Loughborough Inn including beautiful wildlife, scenic hiking trails and picturesque views of stunning Loughborough Lake.

There is something here for everyone at Loughborough Inn, where nature plays the starring role. Read More...