Not long ago, a beer, a soccer ball, or a campfire was enough to keep us occupied. It was about enjoying the company of the people we care about.

Why Taking A Break From Technology Is Good For Your Health

We still love to spend time with our family and friends, but more communication is increasingly being done through our smartphones, laptops, and tablets. However, we forget about the impact these connections have on our well-being. While not considered an addiction, an unhealthy attachment to the Internet is widespread and quite problematic for our mental health.

For more convincing to unplug and enjoy the great outdoors, here are some reasons you should put your phone down and take a break:

  1. Combat the ‘Fear of Missing Out’

    Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is real. It’s actually been recognized as an emerging mental disorder primarily due to our obsession with social media. Every day we see what our friends are doing and eating, which can make us feel like we’re not doing enough to enrich our lives. We are not doing enough to live in the present and appreciate the things around us, that’s why studies suggest many of us check our smartphones every 6.5 minutes.

  2. Being Alone is Time to Recover

    How can anyone be alone if everyone can be reached instantly by text? You need alone time. It lets you decompress and process the events of the day, improves your concentration, and provides time to think deeply about the decisions you need to make. It also helps you to be more creative!

  3. Learn to Be Comfortable With Who You Are

    Studies suggest one in three feel more dissatisfied with their lives after using Facebook. This ranges from the sadness of being away from family to having issues with body image. These feelings of jealousy, loneliness, and low self-worth are terrible for your health. Powering-down allows you to be more comfortable in your own skin, and come to terms with things you can’t change.

  4. Improve the Quality of Your Relationships

    We get annoyed when the person we went out to dinner with is on their phone — but many of us are also guilty of the same. By putting your phone away, you’re able to have meaningful conversations with your friends and family. Don’t worry about the people who aren’t there – be in the moment.

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