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Cabin Rentals Kingston Ontario

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Our modern, newly renovated log cabin rentals are located within 500 feet of the Loughborough Inn and situated in a secluded bed of mature trees with beautiful Mother Nature waiting for you at your doorstep.

All of our log cabin rentals come equipped with a wood burning fireplace, central air conditioning and heating, satellite TV, wireless Internet and a refrigerator. See more beautiful photos of our cabin rentals in our Photo Gallery.

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Our cabin rentals are designed with you in mind; superior log construction nestled on the secluded property of Loughborough Inn only steps to beautiful Loughborough Lake, allowing you to enjoy an exclusive, private vacation with exclusive weekend getaways and family vacation packages for you to choose from.

Loughborough Inn has some of the most well-crafted cabin rentals Ontario has to offer; not only do they look nice, but they boast energy efficient construction, better air quality, and less overall humidity (link to cabin article once published. They are without a doubt the perfect marriage between the traditional and the modern, and you’ll soon discover the ambience generated by the unique ambience that provides the perfect end to a day of new experiences.

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Most people have negative preconceived notions when it comes to cabins, but the upswing of Ontario cabin rentals puts these to rest. A good number of cabin rentals Ontario boasts are modern and the Loughborough Inn is no exception. Throw out those images of dark interiors and seclusion: these cabins are big, bright, edgy. These are for when you want to see a little extra money go a long way; these recently-constructed cabin rentals are for when you just have to make that memory go the extra mile.

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Log cabins have a powerful place in the Canadian culture for good reason, and whether you’re enjoying a long weekend, celebrating an anniversary, or taking advantage of a holiday, these incredible Ontario cabin rentals are perfect for every season and weather-related curveball.

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Or if you are looking for our new houskeeping cabins, click here. Our housekeeping cabins are a flat-rate rental for a week long stay in our square log cabins that do not include daily meals.