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12 04, 2019

Trends in Cottage Rentals

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People who rent cottages expect a well kept, safe, simple, place to stay in, coupled with the prospect of participating in a variety of outdoor activities while embracing a relaxing experience. Most renters are city dwellers looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Those with children are still wanting similar amenities found at home along with the possibility of a technology-free family bonding encounter. More often than not, cottagers wish to partake in natural terrains, something they don’t often experience, even if it is for only a week or two. With that [...]

4 04, 2019

Things to Bring to your Cottage

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Approximately 20 km north of Kingston, Ontario, in the Frontenac County region, is Loughborough Lake, which boasts great cottage rental options and offers up a host of natural outdoor activities to ensure your summer vacation is an optimum fun and relaxing experience. In addition to great hiking trails, you will find a variety of boating options, and fabulous outdoor activities to fill your summer days. If you plan on staying at a resort, Loughborough Inn has everything you could possibly want for your vacation: cabins, cottages, three home cooked meals per day, boating and boat rentals, a heated pool, play [...]