Cottage rentals in Kingston are the perfect getaway for your honeymoon. They are affordable, romantic and worry-free, so you can concentrate on each other instead of all the noise and attractions of an exotic resort shouting at you. Here are the reasons we recommend a cottage getaway for honeymooners.

Reasons You Should Choose a Cottage Getaway for Your Honeymoon

  1. Less decision making

    This might seem like a silly place to start, but you’ve got enough decisions to make with planning the wedding. Pondering over your honeymoon destination shouldn’t be added to the list! Once you decide on cottage rentals for your getaway you can narrow down your options and decide on the perfect cottage to suit your timing, budget and interests faster than you might’ve thought.

  2. Budget-friendly

    Your wedding is likely going to cost a small fortune, which means you might not have as much left over for your honeymoon as you might like. By choosing cottage rentals in Kingston you can lessen financial worry, as you will be able to find something locally so you won’t have any astronomical airfares to deal with. You can spend your money in Canadian dollars, which is also a huge saving. Although many of the common honeymoon destinations you might be considering will offer a good exchange rate, many will charge you in US dollars. A cottage getaway is all-inclusive, so you will save on meals as well.

  3. Less out-of-pocket costs

    Travelling locally saves on airfare but that’s not the only mode of transportation that you will save money on. You can use your own car, which is another saving on your travel expenses. An all-inclusive cottage getaway is usually far cheaper than a tropical destination. You will have everything you need including activities, accommodations and meals. Although it might seem you are getting a good deal on an all-inclusive honeymoon at a beach in the Caribbean, consider how much more money you will be spending on things such as tours, water sports, local dining, transportation and souvenirs.

  4. Hurricane-free

    There’s no guarantee you will experience perfect weather, wherever you book your honeymoon. Although sunny climates might be tempting, you can also face some dangerous weather conditions when travelling, including hurricanes. Of course, you can decide to honeymoon when this is less likely, but this could impact your preferred wedding date. A cottage honeymoon might not guarantee full sun, but at least it won’t have the threat of typhoons or hurricanes.

  5. Lots to do

    Cottages are a soothing, peaceful honeymoon choice that provides lots of opportunity for that romantic one-on-one time. From strolls in the forest to peaceful boat rides and cuddles in front of the fire, you will find lots to do away from the crowds of a typical honeymoon destination packed with tourists. You’ll also have less waiting and worry when planning activities, as most all-inclusive vacations tend to have group related activities on busy beaches or pool-side with 100 other guests.

  6. Beautiful scenery

    There’s no denying that many find the allure of the tropics very romantic. However, the scenery of Ontario is equally romantic. From the serenity of the lakes to the stunning star-studded skies, it won’t be long before you discover the beauty of Canada on your cottage honeymoon.

  7. Safe destination

    Booking a cottage honeymoon will save you a lot of time researching safe locations. There is so much to consider when choosing a destination from crime rates to potential health risks. A honeymoon in Ontario is safely away from cities where crime rates tend to be higher, as well as destinations where crime against tourists are high. You will not be exposed to the volatile political climates often found in popular honeymoon destinations. You will be consuming and swimming in safe waters and also be eating food that is subject to strict health laws.

  8. Romantic vibe

    What could be more romantic than a cozy cottage for two overlooking the lake? Your evenings can be spent in front of a roaring fire or sitting on your private porch stargazing. You can even plan some romantic dinners cooked together and enjoyed in the privacy of your own cottage.

  9. No culture shock

    Although exposure to other cultures provides you with rich experiences you will share for life, a honeymoon is not the time to suffer from culture shock. Depending on how well travelled you are, you could spend your honeymoon struggling to communicate with the locals, landing yourself in undesirable parts of town and suffering from eating the local cuisine.

  10. Peace and seclusion

    A lakefront cottage provides peace and seclusion in an idyllic location made for downtime. You are not stuck in a hotel with tons of floors and rooms packed with vacationers. Instead, you have your own private cottage with your own private view of the lake. This allows you to focus on nothing but each other without the worry the party animals next door or by the pool will be ruining your quiet time together.

  11. The hidden gem

    The exotic honeymoon has its perks but it’s not like you are discovering a hidden gem. Most honeymoon destinations are commonplace and you won’t feel special while you are there. A cottage getaway is unique and something you can share as ‘just yours’. Chances are, you will be the only two people on your honeymoon and you’ll get extra special treatment because of it! Everyone loves newlyweds.

  12. Anniversary

    Finally, your cottage getaway is close enough to home that it provides an affordable spot you can revisit again and again to celebrate your anniversaries. Most people don’t have the budget to revisit their honeymoon spot very often, so choosing a place closer to home allows you to relive your romance every year. It can even create a tradition that you can even extend and share with your children as your little family begins to grow.

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