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26 07, 2014

Housekeeping Cabins at the Loughborough Inn

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Want to plan a getaway in the lap of nature that affords you all the luxuries of the Loughborough Inn without a structured meal plan? We've got you covered. While our delicious meals make the dining room the most popular place at the resort 3 times a day, we understand that sometimes convenience can take other forms. Food allergies, extreme dietary restrictions, food preferences, and the rare opportunity to lounge at leisure while on vacation might make our newest housekeeping cabin option your best bet. Anyone who’s sat down at our tables will tell you the meal times and dining [...]

15 07, 2014

2014 Bass Fishing Guide

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Bass fishing in Ontario is an incredibly popular pastime. Much of its appeal can be attributed to the prolific nature of the species as well as their relatively predictable behaviours, which makes bass easy and fun to catch for both beginners and experienced anglers. Bass fishing is definitely is one of our biggest draws on Loughborough Lake! Bass Characteristics Bass are part of the Centrachidae family, a group of ray-finned sunfish. In total, this family has 37 species under its umbrella, including rock bass, and large and smallmouth bass. All species in the Centrarchidae family are only native to North [...]