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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Log Cabin Types: Round Logs vs Square Logs

Round Log vs Square Log: What’s Your Preference? There isn’t just one kind of log cabin. In fact, many log cabins are totally distinct, and their nuances are largely due to the particular preferences of their builder – especially when you look back at some of the original log cabins, which date back to Roman […]

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Ice Fishing Safety

There’s nothing in the world quite like the refreshing solace, intimacy and beautiful surroundings that come with ice fishing. It’s no wonder it’s one of Canada’s favourite winter pastimes. However, all the beauty in the world isn’t worth it if you seriously injure yourself – or worse. Learning about ice fishing safety is perhaps the […]

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The Differences between Cabins and Cottages

The differences between cabins and cottages can seem a little vague – and in some cases, they are! Cabins and cottages share many of the same characteristics; namely, providing a place to get away that’s in the lap of nature. This could be by a lake or the seashore or nestled in the woods. Regardless, […]

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