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Ontario Cottage Rental Considerations

ontario cottage rentals - cottage small

So you’ve decided to look into the Ontario cottage rentals market. Like everything else in life, victory favours the prepared; if you’ve never done this sort of thing before, we’ve got some suggestions. Ontario cottage rentals are great for families or people thinking about purchasing one of their own (especially if you’re interested in the area.) Cottages obviously vary […]

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Log Cabin Rentals in Ontario – The Benefits

ontario cabin rentals - cabin 1

When you read the words “log cabin rentals” you probably get a few common images in your head.  You probably imagine something from a movie – some lonely, ancient thing set back in the woods – that might end up being haunted. People think of something old rather than something new. Cabin rentals in Ontario […]

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Tips for Weekend Getaways in Ontario: Keeping Kids Entertained on the Road

The internet is full of articles about ways to keep your kids entertained on a long trip. These can include car, train, or plane rides- weekend getaways in Ontario, tropical vacations, or international excursions –  although it is slightly easier to keeps interested while they are flying through the sky. Every family will have their […]

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Family Vacations: Packing Tips

ontario weekend getaways - family photo

For some of us, it’s the night before. While family vacations are just one slice of the much larger “vacation” pie (which could include resorts, ice fishing, and safaris) there are a few common buckets that all the different details fall into. Planning the perfect, mishap-free family vacation is usually something we start thinking about the week that […]

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Ontario Golf Courses: What Makes a Good Course?

Golf season is fast approaching and people all around the country are getting back into the swing of things. Over here at Loughborough Inn, there are a number of great Ontario golf courses and each one of them has different things to offer. Golfing can not only be a good pretext to plan a vacation – there […]

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The First Annual Land O’ Lakes Live Release Bass Fishing Tournament

land o lakes fishing tournament

The Loughborough Inn is pleased to announce that our very own Loughborough Lake will be one of the five hosts of the first annual Land O’ Lakes Live Release Large and Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tournament. Tournament Details On Saturday, August 17, some of the best sport fishers from all around the region will converge on the […]

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Northern Pike Fishing: Great for Beginners

pike fishing on loughborough lake

While Bass fishing is very popular with game fishers and beginners alike, Northern Pike fishing presents benefits uniquely tuned to the beginner. Eastern Ontario bodies of water like Loughborough Lake are the perfect habitats for this aggressive species, and the best part is that you don’t need to be an expert angler to see results. If […]

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Bass Fishing Tips – Know Your Bass

Everyone could use some bass fishing tips now and again and that is what we’ve got for you. If you’re planning a bass fishing trip with your family it’s important to know what you’re looking for.Every type of fish has unique characteristics and requires different tactics to catch them. There are some very specific tricks for bass fishers especially in […]

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Family Vacation Ideas

5 Fun and Interesting Family Vacation Ideas When planning a getaway it’s challenging to find interesting family vacation ideas to keep everyone engaged, and even harder to find things that are new and creative. There are so many options, and since the Loughborough Inn has easy access to both the natural and the urban, we did […]

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Bass Fishing with the Family

One fun part about bass fishing in Eastern Ontario is that it can be a group activity. Bass fishing, or fishing in general, involves many steps that can be divided up and learned as a group; everything from using the right bait, navigating the boat, finding the right spots, and techniques to catch the fish are fun and […]

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